Sherwood is… changing

Aug 10, 2016 by Steve Litwin Category: Blogs 0 comments

In one week my middle kid, the straw that stirs the drink, leaves for college and a new start. He’s excited and a little scared at the same time, and I like the confidence he has from having conquered his known world. I see a parallel happening in my business life: Sherwood, like most marketing & advertising firms these days, is facing uncharted waters with huge changes, challenges and opportunities. Sort of like freshman year, we are optimistic about getting away from our home base … and conquering our new world.

One change we are making is our name: we started life as Sherwood Trading Group, with our roots in the barter trade industry. But we have evolved and expanded and our new name, Sherwood Integrated Solutions, reflects that we too have left our home base. Sherwood is pioneering a new corporate trade industry — one that offers high quality delivery, integrated media options and, finally, marketing relevancy — as opposed to leading off with the hunt for surplus inventory. We can still help our clients fund their media with underperforming assets, but our strength is to offer marketers gold standard traditional, digital and social media, with efficiencies built in. Our employees, many who have recently joined from high level agency positions, love all the new opportunities associated with our unique integrated offerings.

We have learned that success breeds competitors, technology creates market disruption, and change waits for no one! Our new name is part of a larger transformation into our adulthood — adding top talent, expanding the company’s service portfolio and moving to a cool new space four times the size of our existing office — we have left our “high school” days behind us and are now firmly in the bigger world of marketing services! Paradoxically, the ad agencies, who were always the nay-sayers, are now entrenched in the barter world (which creates conflicts surrounding lack of transparency).

Like us, the agencies have adapted, causing us to up the ante and raise our game, all of which benefits our clients. Our integrated offerings and ability to provide broader business solutions ranging from media efficiency, asset optimization and project funding better serve our customer’s needs. Like any graduation, growth is the true grade and outcome. Trading has become a complementary skill set to overall media delivery, not the dominant driver. We developed, grew and can now flex our new muscles with confidence … just in time for our tenth anniversary and the completion of our transformation.

With our integrated media and trade model supported by our increased talent and offerings, we’re ready to leapfrog the traditional ad agencies, creating new opportunities for our performance based delivery. While pushing yourself and your organization toward change may not always be fun, the confrontations and challenges are the foundation for growth and excellence. I’ve embraced my role as CEO — to let go of the past, forecast and plot out these exciting changes… and make sure we all dive in wholeheartedly! Whether in school, life or business, isn’t it mainly about embracing change with confidence (knowing that a little trepidation is normal)?

I am excited for my son, and I am also excited for Sherwood as we move to our new surroundings with new people and new ideas. Now it’s time to make sure our move-in celebration, having successfully conquered our known world, will be as fun as those freshman parties!

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