Sharing a Meal with Chazz Palminteri: The BAM Show Episode 1

This is the The BAM Show: Barter and Marketing, where we get you the real deal.

I’m the host of The BAM Show– a weekly YouTube video series that connects you with leaders in business and marketing, industry icons and influencers, getting the real deal on how to achieve success in any industry.

Business bartering is big, and it’s happening at every level. The BAM show is a way to help everyone understand the fundamentals of this craft in order to explore new ways to create and capture value. What Sherwood does is not too good to be true and should be part of every smart advertisers marketing mix.

In episode one, we sat down with acclaimed actor, director, and screenwriter Chazz Palimenteri to talk about his restaurant, his new vodka brand, and the upcoming musical version of A Bronx Tale. Chazz shared some fantastic stories about his Sicilian heritage, his evening with Frank Sinatra, and the secrets behind his vodka.


The Guest:
Chazz Palimenteri
Actor, director, screenwriter, and restaurant owner

The Barter:
Limited edition Rat Pack print and a t-shirt custom made for Chazz.

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