Integrated media + corporate trade = improved performance

At Sherwood, we help companies to seize opportunities and solve problems

Sherwood Integrated Solutions is a media services company focusing on strategy and activation. Sherwood leverages its media capabilities with a world-class expertise in corporate trade and asset disposition.

Sherwood’s integrated solutions in media, trade, and commerce make a significant, positive impact on earnings and other business goals. We invest in our customers and improve their results, providing incremental efficiency and value from marketing, sales, and operations.


What we do and what we believe

  • Sherwood Media invests in the highest quality media across all traditional and digital channels. Because of our unique acquisition model we are able to activate our customers’ plans more efficiently. Sherwood provides strategy and planning, or seamlessly integrates with existing agency partners so there is no disruption: our only contribution is to improve results.
  • Sherwood Trading links our world-class integrated media capabilities to the art of using corporate trade and trade credits as a financing vehicle to liquidate underperforming assets.
  • Sherwood Commerce is our in-house group of sales professionals who help to sell products and dispose of underperforming assets. We are best-in-class liquidators, and we also specialize in providing business services in exchange for the asset in order to raise the value of the sale.
  • The entire portfolio offered by Sherwood Integrated Solutions rests on our philosophy that “every partnership should be a work of A.R.T.” – Accountability, Relationships, and Technique.


Why we are different

Independence and accountability : The media industry is under significant scrutiny to eliminate waste and advocate for the customer. Sherwood is the only fully independent media services firm; there are no potential conflicts in a Sherwood relationship.

A craftsman’s approach : Sherwood solutions are expertly crafted, innovative, and reliable. We use only the finest ingredients in terms of our team, our media quality, and our analytical process. More than any other firm in our space, our integrated media capabilities and corporate trading capabilities are world class and exceptionally balanced.

Driven by Results : Trust Sherwood to be focused on the outcome. If we are to make a difference for our customer, it needs to be measured – increased EBITDA, a higher share of voice, funding for a “wish list” project, a donation to a charitable cause, etc.

Sherwood IS Performance :” Our singleminded goal is to fulfill all expectations with accuracy and precision.  We set objectives for each project to fulfill a transactional goal, a strategic goal, and a relationship goal. Then we achieve our objectives, and finally, we initiate another project for another satisfied customer.