Assets we invest in


Helping you to sell, for more than you would ever expect

An asset that has outlived its useful life places a heavy burden on the company, especially the managers who are “stuck” with it. Sherwood lifts the burden by investing in the asset so that the company can increase pricing, often to the point of 100% recovery to book value. Sherwood applies the model to a variety of assets:

  • Inventory – This includes slow-moving, obsolete, or discontinued product; short-dated or end of life product; packaging changes; and retail returns.
  • Real Estate – This includes unwanted lease obligations; factories, office space, or distribution centers; or closed locations.
  • Capital & Equipment – Any used, obsolete, or unwanted manufacturing equipment; equipment used in operations such as fleet vehicles or other forms of transportation; other assets such as used furniture, computers, etc.
  • Financial assets – Sponsorships; Media commitments; naming rights; trade credits
  • Gift Cards
  • Unused Capacity

Sherwood re-sells assets with the strict oversight of its customers. Agreement and approval of the entire process channels, assets, pricing, and shipment — is determined before the  sale is consummated


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