Case Study Overview


Case studies illustrate the benefits of a Sherwood Integrated Solution using Trade Finance. No two cases are alike, but they all share the same end product: positive outcomes and customer satisfaction.

  • Secured payments of cash and credit that are guaranteed to mitigate the lack of process satisfaction and results typically associated with inventory liquidation
  • High-quality marketing and business services -advertising, freight and logistics, e-commerce, big data, social media, shopper marketing, web design & development, etc.
  • A mutually generated Purchasing Agreement that details costs, quality benchmarks and KPI’s, all of which ensure project fulfillment.
  • Examples of how Sherwood can guarantee its payment with all cash or cash and secured credits so the customer can stop values from free falling and lock in profitable recoveries and EBITDA.
  • Results that go beyond earnings to include huge performance improvements, integrated process upgrades, marketing efficiencies, project funding, and higher overall recoveries/yields.

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