Trading Case Study

Jun 17, 2016 by sherwood 0 comments
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The company executed its national advertising plan flawlessly while recapturing significant value on their impaired assets.

Trading Case Study

The customer need:

A large consumer products company was closing a manufacturing plant that contained new and used equipment that was no longer needed. The real estate and equipment was on the books for $10 million, but unfortunately that value in the market place was only about $2 million. The company needed to sell both property and equipment within the year, so the potential damage to the bottom line was significant.

The Sherwood Solution:

The consumer products company traded their impaired assets to Sherwood I.S. for the original, greater value of $10 million in Sherwood Trade Credits. Sherwood’s Trade Credits, were subsequently redeemed at face value at current market rates for media, and therefore recovered the lost value of the impaired asset of +$8 million.


By using Sherwood, the company eliminated the risk of losing $8 million. The company also flawlessly implemented its advertising campaign, meeting all its delivery goals in the process. Both of these activities occurred within the desired time frame.