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“Get the Real Deal” on corporate barter with Sherwood’s Joshua Smith and his guests – leaders in business, industry icons, and influencers

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Some of the “BEST of BAM” are posted below. Please enjoy the entire video series on Sherwood’s YouTube channel!

Three myths about the barter industry that could not be more wrong

Throughout my career in the barter and corporate trade industry, I’ve heard a lot of ridiculous claims about barter and how it is run. Most of these claims say that barter is shady, not trustworthy, or we make weird deals. All of these things are wrong, and completely untrue. Below I’ve outlined three common myths […]

Sharing a Meal with Chazz Palminteri: The BAM Show Episode 1

This is the The BAM Show: Barter and Marketing, where we get you the real deal. I’m the host of The BAM Show– a weekly YouTube video series that connects you with leaders in business and marketing, industry icons and influencers, getting the real deal on how to achieve success in any industry. Business bartering […]