Managing Innovation and Competition by Improving Asset Value and Marketing Effectiveness: Spotlight on the Outdoor Recreation Economy

Summary The purpose of this article is threefold: First, to summarize how the pressure to innovate hampers inventory management efforts; Second, to summarize how competition and media fragmentation complicates effective marketing; third, to recommend an inventive solution to improve asset value and marketing effectiveness while facing these two challenges. While this article focuses on the […]

Five Fantastic Ideas for Fancy Foods

The annual Fancy Foods show in New York City is one of the best destinations for visitors, specialty food producers, and food retailers to come together and enjoy a feast for the eyes, stomach and the mind. If you’re going to be visiting this space, you’re going to be welcomed by some amazing exhibitions and […]

Optimizing Inventory in Licensed Partnerships

The Licensing Expo is the annual gathering point for a global industry valued at over a quarter of a trillion dollars. Most of the energy and excitement at the show surrounds the “matchmaking” between brand owners and licensees as they negotiate rights and royalties over beloved characters, entertainment properties, and sports icons. After the glow […]


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Throughout my career in the barter and corporate trade industry, I’ve heard a lot of ridiculous claims about barter and how it is run.

“Get the Real Deal” on corporate barter with Sherwood’s Joshua Smith and his guests – leaders in business, industry icons, and influencers

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Some of the “BEST of BAM” are posted below. Please enjoy the entire video series on Sherwood’s YouTube channel!

How Corporate Barter Converts Slow-moving Inventory Into Cash

This post was written in conjunction with NACDS, the national conference for drug store retailers and suppliers. If you’re reading this article, then perhaps you have more inventory in your warehouse than you would like, or maybe you are interested in tips to avoid this situation. Whether your stock is flying off the shelves or […]

Six Ways Car Companies Can Benefit From Corporate Trade

Many observers regard the auto industry as an indicator of how the overall economy is doing. And if automotive performance is a true measure of market health, then the economy is cruising along. For the seventh straight year, vehicle sales have risen, with 2016 showing 17.55 million cars and trucks purchased. It’s widely thought that […]

Reducing Risk & Improving Innovation with Corporate Trade: the Apparel Industry Example

Innovation is the name of the game in today’s business world. And there’s good reason for that. Depending on who you ask, the percentage of businesses that fail within their first 10 years of operation is upwards of 96%. This means that companies who don’t innovate and find new ways to leverage current trends could […]