Accuracy and precision in everything we do

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Accuracy and precision in everything we do

The term “craft” is often used to describe more traditional businesses — trades that require manual dexterity, the arts, and boutique manufacturing. However, more broadly and in today’s business environment, “craft” means making something that is produced with skill, care and ingenuity. This is the Sherwood approach to the work that we do.

We define the craftsmanship on display in a Sherwood relationship by “Superior Ingredients” and “Attention to detail:”

Sherwood’s superior ingredients include our people, our partners, and our processes. Every team leader has at least a decade of relevant experience, and our executives include industry mavens and pioneers.

We have the richest, highest quality media mix available through our relationships with leading media vendors in all channels. Likewise, our relationships with our commerce partners ensure that asset disposition is done with excellence and reliability. Finally, Sherwood adopts best-in-class processes and practices in order to ensure that everything that we accomplish is passed on to our customers.


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Attention to detail means that every Sherwood program is treated with equal importance, and every relationship is assigned a leadership team. It means that we will set up proprietary analytics to measure success, and provide help to secure independent audits to validate that success. It means that our team is linked to your team’s stakeholders across functions and agencies.
What is the result of a craftsman’s approach? Craftsmanship results in a performance that is both accurate and precise.

Accuracy means developing a strategy for every transaction that accurately defines the customer need, and sets out a plan that will successfully fulfill that need.
Precision means carefully and consistently executing the strategy according to the required specifications.