Freight & Logistics

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Freight & Logistics

It is easy to say that “results matter.” In order to stand behind the promise of results, a partner should be willing and able to define the expected results up front, and then follow through to confirm that they were achieved.

As detailed here, every Sherwood transaction contains both transactional and strategic goals which we document and measure. By setting goals collaboratively with our customers, we ensure that both partners are aligned and focused on the same outcome.

The process of setting goals starts with listening to and documenting customer needs. Such as:

  • Improve the performance of or extend a media budget.
  • Creatively improve EBITDA, sales, share of voice, or another business metric
  • Harvest more value from operations so that an initiative can be funded
  • Solve a problem with slow-moving inventory or some other “lazy asset”

Depending on the customer need, Sherwood deploys its integrated solutions to develop a set of proprietary analytics that guides our effort. The analytics are based on a set of custom KPI’s (key performance indicators) that we develop together. The KPI’s might be based on media requirements, asset disposition, or both.With the proprietary analytics in place it becomes easier to track progress toward the results.


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Finally, Sherwood’s Certified Audit Program is another unique capability that we have developed for our customers. The CAP is a resource that enables a third-party audit to substantiate the results.

To Sherwood, “driven by results” means much more than making an effort; it means delivering an outcome.