Media & Marketing Services

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Media & Marketing Services

Sherwood offers a full range of best in class integrated Media & Marketing services. We view the present as a convergence of all media channels. We create integrated omni-screen solutions that add value for today and tomorrow.

As an independent company, Sherwood routinely takes inventory positions with consumer media providers on a non-disclosed basis, in order to invest in your media.

See offerings below:

Traditional Consumer Media Offerings:
-Network TV -Local TV
-Cable TV -Direct Response TV
-Syndication TV -Local Radio
-National Radio -Out-of-Home/Billboards
Digital Offerings:
-Display -Video
-Custom Content -Native Content
Social Media & Commerce:
-Social Strategy -Social Buying
-Creative -e-Commerce Support
Cutting Edge Offerings:
-Addressable TV -Cross-Screen Integrated Campaigns
-Programmatic TV -Product Placement
Marketing Services:
-Point of Purchase or Retail -Augmented/Virtual Reality Products
-Marketing Strategy and Services -Big Data
-Licensing and Product Development -Web Design and Development
-e-Commerce Design and Development
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