The highest levels of fulfillment in the industry

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The highest percentages of fulfillment in the industry

Fulfillment = completion, performance, and satisfaction

Sherwood is committed to “Total Fulfillment” in all of our business affairs. We measure this in three ways:

Transactional Fulfillment: This is measured by the delivery of the media KPI’s (key performance indicators), pricing parameters, or other deal specifications. It is also measured by the retirement of all trade credits that are issued.

Strategic Fulfillment: This is measured by the achievement of all defined project objective(s). This can be related to financial goals such as earnings or cost reductions; it can be represented by business goals such as increasing share of voice; or it can be tied to particular functions or activities such as getting the green light on a wish-list activity or funding a philanthropic, marketing, aor operational initiative.

Relationship Fulfillment: This is measured by customer satisfaction, positive feedback, and repeat business.
Commitment to fulfillment has its rewards: Sherwood has the highest percentage of trade credit usage in the industry. Just ask any of our Fortune 500 customers.


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