A Unique Organization


A flat structure with remarkable balance

Sherwood is intentionally staffed to be flat with few management layers. The structure differentiates Sherwood from similar firms who are more bureaucratic or embedded within larger agencies or holding companies. This results in executive contact with every customer, and it also allows the internal team to spend more time on task with the vendors and retailers that are brought together to execute every program.

The lean structure also results in more experience and subject matter expertise within the team. Sherwood prides itself on employing talent who are equally capable to design effective strategies, and then roll up their sleeves to implement them.

The balance of strategic and executional capacity is not the only type of balance that makes the Sherwood organization unique. While Sherwood is primarily a world-class media services firm, the trading and asset disposition groups are equally qualified in their own right. Some firms in the industry are composed of old-line trading experts who are supplemented with a few media buyers, while other firms are ad agency satellites with a limited trading capacity. Sherwood is uniquely staffed by leading professionals in all disciplines: media, trading, and asset liquidation.


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