Business Flexibility


Putting the “integrated” into Sherwood Integrated Solutions

Sherwood does not have a single model for customer success. We make customized investments in our customers, and we pull together and pivot to meet their needs. This is what makes the job interesting. There is nothing rigid or standard about working with Sherwood:

  • Media: Sherwood ‘s integrated media expertise encompasses all channels.The media strategy and activation groups are skilled in traditional, digital, social, interactive, and whatever new channel may emerge next. Business flexibility also extends to how we integrate with other agencies. Sherwood can provide all functions from strategy through activation or work with existing agencies to execute existing plans with no loss in quality in increase in cost.
  • Services: In addition to media, Sherwood invests in other services on behalf of customers.
  • Commerce: For asset disposition, Sherwood has relationships with an array of channels and outlets.
  • Cash vs Credit: Finally, Sherwood will explore programs with a combination of cash and trade credit options.

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