Independence = Integrity AND buying power


The benefits of an independent, non-partisan media advocate

Sherwood’s assurance of high-quality media activation is based on the strength of its longstanding, deep-rooted relationships in the media industry. But more than that, and unlike any other provider in the media industry, Sherwood’s strength draws from its position as a fully independent client advocate.

What this means is that Sherwood’s sole incentive is to maximize the customer goals. Sherwood has zero chance of distractions or conflicts that can sometimes arise if the firm managing the transaction has a connection to an agency or buying/planning team. In these situations, actions can be tarnished by an ownership stake, an alliance, a partnership, a profit-sharing agreement, or some other association.

A purely non-partisan affiliation is also favored by media providers. Media providers fear that when a corporate trade buyer is in the same office as a cash buyer, the “wall” between the two buyers will break down and lead to a reduction in sales revenue.

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