Sample transaction – Sherwood Media


What are the key steps in a typical Sherwood Media transaction?

A Sherwood Media transaction focuses on investment, activation, as well as strategy or other functions as needed by the customer. Sherwood leverages experience and technique to eliminate  waste and unlock more value in the integrated media plan.

The goal of the transaction is to improve media delivery with zero loss in quality and zero disruption with existing media resources.  Any savings are generally reinvested or re-allocated to achieve other corporate goals.

The key steps are:

  1. Client Need Assessment: The customer identifies a need related to media performance, or to another organizational need related to earnings, funding, philanthropy, etc.
  2. Client Goal Assessment: The customer and Sherwood collaborate to create transactional objectives and strategic objectives. This includes proprietary analytics such as media quality kpi’s.
  3. Pre-buy Process: Sherwood develops or works with existing agency to understand and affirm planning goals, and provides strategic review prior to media activation.
  4. Media Activation: Sherwood purchases media for the customer, coordinating with customer agency. Sherwood uses cash and customer trade credit.
  5. Accountability and Fulfillment Phase: Sherwood proprietary analytics and Independent Audit Program measure and validate achievement of the transactional and strategic objectives.

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