Sherwood A.R.T


The Core Values that we believe in:
Accountability, Relationships, and Technique

Sherwood’s values are founded on our belief that without customers there is no company, and a customer-centric brand is therefore our only option. We strive to make every customer experience a work of A.R.T.


We will hold ourselves accountable for the promises we make and take ownership of our actions.

  • Advocate for the customer
  • Use good judgment
  • Make a positive contribution to the company and the community


We will continuously invest in the connections and interactions we have with our customers, partners, industries, and each other.

  • Take a 360 degree view to understand choices and stakeholders
  • Build trust through honesty and appreciation
  • Engage with work and co-workers



We will use the best tools, strategies and resources to become thought leaders and expert practitioners in our roles and performance.

  • Listen and learn something every day
  • Be curious, innovative and creative

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