Sherwood Trading

There is art in barter

A leader in corporate trade, a partner without equal

The core proposition in a corporate trade transaction is quite uncomplicated: Acquire an organization’s underperforming assets in exchange for the commitment to purchase something, usually an integrated media campaign.

Underperforming assets include inventory, real estate, capital equipment and other obligations. Integrated media includes television, digital, radio, out of home, plus an array of emerging channels that are constantly being innovated. Beyond media, business services and digital services can also be provided.

While the idea is straightforward, the planning and execution of a corporate trade is more complex, and success depends on the ability of the trading company to be professional, relentless, creative and resourceful on behalf of the customer. Sherwood believes that there is art in barter, and you should rely on an artisan like Sherwood when selecting your partner.

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