Brett Perrine : Senior Vice President, Business Development

Brett has seen the trading industry become more client-centric and collaborative during his 16-year tenure. This fits Sherwood’s mission and Brett’s management style as he advocates customer views, designs integrated solutions, and leads strategic business development efforts. Having worked with clients such as Walmart, JPMorgan Chase, and Pepsi, Brett is glad to bring a personalized “craftsman style” approach to his work whether it is for large, medium or emerging companies.

Brett’s passions are as diverse as his personality. Brett co-founded the International Education Exchange (which services and trains teachers in the public school system of Rwanda, Africa). He helps to run the Eastern Soccer Foundation by providing scholarships and service projects, and he sits on the boards of other non-profit organizations. With this philanthropic passion, Brett has developed programs with Sherwood clients to enhance their corporate giving through trade. Brett is also the lead singer in the “midlife crisis” rock band Ask Your Mom. Brett and his wife Kathy live in Pleasantville, New York with their three children and 115 pound black lab Luke.

Sherwood is evolving: The key to effective business is listening to clients and fulfilling their needs. Over the years, the leadership at Sherwood has seen a radical change from traditional barter practices to fully integrated solutions.