Greg Telfeian : Director, Business Development

Greg is a dynamic, out of the box, whole brain thinker whose intention is for the greater good of the Clients he takes on. His perseverance and tenacity to identify afflictions and achieve the end goal is unparalleled making him stand out amongst any competition. He states that “there’s never really any competition but more just a creative and different approach to meeting the needs of our clients”. Achieving results needed to earn trust and forge lasting relationships with anyone he works with is what makes all the difference when it comes to taking on challenges. When Greg isn’t working you can find him engaging in impactful workouts at the gym, creating original rock music with his band and slamming away on his drums. He loves the Corporate Barter and trade because it comes from the creative angle where he looks at it like composing a song. Every song has several pieces and putting them together the right way is what makes him tick and where he thrives most.