Josh Smith : Executive Vice President, Partner Relationships

Josh Smith is a 14-year veteran of the corporate trading industry.  Josh joined Sherwood at its inception in 2006 and oversees the customization of programs that provide a significant EBITDA contribution for Sherwood’s Corporate Clients. Josh recently took on his newest endeavor as the host of Sherwood’s BAM Show. The BAM Show is a weekly YouTube video series that seeks to demystify the ever changing media landscape by sitting down with industry leaders, icons and influencers to get viewers the real deal.

Josh graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BA in Communications in 2001, where he was co-captain of the University of Wisconsin soccer team.  Athletic as ever, Josh enjoys CrossFit competitions and he aspires to one day compete in the Masters’ CrossFit Games. Josh and his wife, Shanna, reside in Upper Saddle River, NJ with their 3 children Sophie, Dylan and Riley.

Sherwood is Partnership. The major difference between Sherwood and any other place I have worked is that we strive to collaborate and build long lasting relationships.