Kate Sipala : Vice President, Media Operations

Kate is responsible for overseeing and managing all stewardship of national television and radio schedules across the Sherwood IS accounts. She acts as a primary contact and manages vendor-client communications that include importing and exporting media schedules, tracking ratings estimates, and ensuring the proper execution of media schedules. Kate is passionate about the importance of client service and the value of having her fingertips on all pertinent media data, which is paramount to negotiations and stewardship.

Since 2002, Kate has been immersed in the media buying/sales environment. She began her career as a national television buyer for the Coca-Cola Company and Diageo at Universal McCann and Mediacom, respectively. Most recently Kate has worked at both Discovery and TV10s as a sales executive where she gained valuable insight into the media sales platforms.

Kate attended Villanova University (2016 NCAA Basketball Champions) where she met and later married her handsome husband, Mike. Early in 2016 they welcomed their gorgeous twin daughters into the world, Oliva & Juliana.